What We Do

At Rank Consulting Group we have very experienced recruiters who allow us to deliver the best candidates in the industry. With our expertise we can immediately take advantage of job boards, user groups, passive candidates and the top candidate databases. Our goal is to provide a manager two to three pre-screened qualified candidates within 48-72 hours.

Rank Consulting Group delivers full-time, contract, and contract-to-hire candidates for all types of engineering and IT positions including: Engineers (hardware, software, development, analog, systems, manufacturing, firmware, design, embedded software, DSP, ASIC, FPGA, optical, systems architects, DW, BI, system design, QA, tech support, technical marketing, kernel, all levels of engineering managers, etc.); Developers (applications, BW, data warehouse, etc.); Analysts (Business Systems Analysts, compliance, Systems Analyst/Specialists, Programmers/Analysts, etc.); Program and Project Managers; DBA’s; Technical Directors/Managers; Desktop Administrators; Validation Managers; Tech Writers, etc. This list is not inclusive of the full-range of individuals we can place but gives an overview of our area of expertise. We place candidates in top-level positions on down.


Just provide us with your requirements and let us do the footwork. We are constantly adding to our database of skilled technical professionals.


Tired of wading through endless stacks of resumes? Let us do the screening for you. Based on your requirements, we will submit only those candidates that closely match your needs. And along with presenting a candidate’s resume, we can prepare a summary with an overview of the candidate’s qualifications allowing you to quickly assess for the right fit.


Want to know what past employers thought of the candidate? We will make the calls and find out for you or provide you with the list of references if you would prefer to check them yourself.


If your company requires drug and background checks, we will take care of the scheduling and results gathering on your behalf.


We payroll consultants so you do not have to worry about them getting paid on a timely basis.